Lightning (2017)

Lightning (2017)

Total votes: 293

Screenwriter: Lee Ting Yu

Rank: #3302

Country: China

Native Title: 进击吧,闪电

Air Date: Aug 28, 2017 – Sep 27, 2017 2017-08-28

Year: 2017

Network: Hunan TV

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Attack it!, Lightning!, Attack it, Lightning!, On the Lightning, Fencing Boy Leng Zifeng, Jin Ji Ba, Shan Dian!, Ji Jian Xiao Zi Leng Zi Feng, 击剑小子冷子峰, 進擊吧,閃電

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports


This inspirational story tells the journey of a group of young men and women who love fencing. After a bumpy road of challenges, they grow beyond themselves to eventually stand on the world stage to gain glory for their country.

~~ Two versions available: 30 episodes (TV) || 31 episodes (DVD)


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