Let’s Go to The Beach (2005)

Let’s Go to The Beach (2005)

Total votes: 266

Director: Lee Seung Ryul

Rank: #8087

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 해변으로 가요

Air Date: Jul 30, 2005 – Sep 11, 2005 2005-07-30

Year: 2005

Network: SBS

Duration: 60 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Summer Beach, Haebyeoneuro Gayo, Hae Byun Eh Ro Gayo

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Romance


Yoon So Ra: She is the owner of Sora Motel on the east coast, and has an insatiable desire for food. She is a helpless klutz, but she dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer somedady.

Jang Tae Poong: He openly admits that he has no brains, but he is a bold fellow who always gets into trouble. He is deeply loyal to his friends and very protective of the person he loves.One day, he meets a country girl who is full of curiosity.

Jang Tae Hyeon: He has excellent decision-making skills and a sharp wit. Moreover, he has a strong work ethic. All in all, he is the perfect man. He dates a woman with the right background to help him along the way in his ambitious career but somehow he falls in love with a rather unconventional girl.

Min Joo Hee: She’s pretty and too smart for her own good, which makes her an annoying person. She stays close friends with both Tae Hyeon and Tae Poong, but she eventually finds true love.

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