Kuroi Taiyo (2006)

Kuroi Taiyo (2006)

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Country: Japan

Native Title: 黒い太陽

Air Date: Jul 28, 2006 – Sep 15, 2006 2006-07-28

Year: 2006

Network: TV Asahi


Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Shine in the Dark

Genre: Drama, Melodrama


Atsushi was pursuing his studies to become an architect and dreamed to work with his father who runs a construction company. But everything falls apart when his father was deceived into guaranteeing a substantial amount of bad loans for a friend, thus loosing the company and falling ill of shock. Desperate to make quick money and help the family by any way he can, Atsushi seeks employment as a waiter at aluxurious night club called “Mint Candy” in Kabukicho, the hottest, craziest, and the most competitive underground bright-light district in Tokyo, where the “hostesses” are the leading stars, while the male waiters are literally their slaves. Waiters cannot talk back to the hostesses in front of the customers, no matter how unreasonably insulted or blamed they may be.
One day, Atsushi couldn’t stand such unfairness and spontaneously stood up for his bullied colleague, ending up being bullied as well. In need of money, he has to endure everything. Until one day his uture began to move in an unexpected direction when he met President Todo, the charisma of the underground entertainment world.

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