Jang Gae: The Foreigner (2020)

Country: Taiwan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 醬狗

Duration: 1 hr. 47 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: jiang gou

Jang Gae: The Foreigner (2020)


Born and raised in Seoul, Korea. Gwang Yong is a troubled youth of mixed- race. His father Jui Hsiang, is second-generation Hwagyo (ethnic Chinese living in Korea), who is a man of both integrity and pride, and also a workaholic; whereas his mother Mi Sook, is a witty Korean woman, who is the perfect combination of good wife and wise mother. Gwang Yong has been struggling with his identity ever since childhood, not only does he often gets called “Jang Gae” (derogatory word for Chinese) by Korean, but he also suffers from racial discrimination and school bullying after his father transferred him from an overseas Chinese school to a local Korean public middle school. One day, Gwang Yong is informed that he has won a scholarship to study in America and was all excited to get a new lease of life, until he shockingly discovers that his family has been hiding his father’s terminal cancer from him and now has only a few days left to live. As Jui Hsiang’s condition deteriorates, dark family secrets begin to unravel, whereas long-buried issues eventually drive the situation into a desperate crisis.

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Jang Gae: The Foreigner (2020) Cast

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