Jam Luey Gamathep

Country: Thailand

Ranking: #99999

Native name: จำเลยกามเทพ

Air Date: Sep 7, 2009 - Sep 20, 2009

Network: Channel 3

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Cupid Defendant ,

Jam Luey Gamathep


Nim is a famous actress and is always paired up with Pom Thorani, a famous actor. Everyone wants to see them as a couple in real life, including her. Nim keeps bothering him and threatening that she will destroy his wedding with Pakkard Chanaeti, his girlfriend. He asks Mek, his younger brother who returned from the USA, to kidnap Nim and take her somewhere else until after the wedding. Though Mek is not willing to do it, he has to help his brother. So, he disguises himself as Harit from Jam Loey Rak kidnapping Nim to a private island and acting mean to her like in the TV lakorn. However, it’s not that easy because Nim is not a tearful and pathetic girl, so they argue and fight with each other all the time.



Jam Luey Gamathep Cast

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