I Don’t Want to Be the Princess (2021)

I Don’t Want to Be the Princess (2021)

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Country: China

Native Title: 我才不要当太子妃呢

Air Date: 2021-12-09 2021-12-09

Year: 2021

Network: Mango TV

Duration: 3 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Tai Zi Fei Ne, 我才不要當太子妃呢

Genre: Comedy, Romance


“I Don’t Want to Be a Princess” tells a story of more than a thousand years ago when the Murong Family of Dayan Empire were hunted down by the rebel army, Murong Xi fled to the forbidden area while the time-space tunnel opened, and an imperial maid rescued him by pushing him into the time-space tunnel, then Murong Xi came to the modern society more than a thousand years later. In orderto find a way to restore his country, he accidentally met Tai Xiao Mei and got to know her, the owner of the beverage shop. Because he didn’t understand the etiquette of modern people, Murong Xi offended Tai Xiao Mei and gave her his family heirloom jade pendant to apologize. Tai Xiao Mei saw him living on the street homelessly, felt bad, and took him in. In order to annul the marriage contract with Zhang Yang, Tai Xiao Mei asked Murong Xi to pretend to be her boyfriend, thus a sweet love story begins.

(Source: Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel YouTube)

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