Hey, Your Big Business Is Wonderful (2021)

Country: China

Ranking: #7552

Native name: 嘿!你大事很妙

Air Date: 44468

Duration: 35 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Hey there! Your big business is wonderful , Hey, you have a wonderful event , Hei! Ni Da Shi Hen Miao



In a picturesque town, the Li family and the Xiong family who are very close neighbors gave birth on the same day. Xiong Qi Wi’s first words were not “mom” or dad” but her dad’s catchphrase of “Something bad has happened.” As the two kids grow up, their personalities develop. Xiong Qi Qi is a huge slacker who’s happy to achieve nothing in life while Li Yi He is a strict and disciplined perfectionist.

Such an outstanding Li Yi He has always cared for and protected Xiong Qi Qi from elementary to middle school, from high school to university. As the two of them venture out into the big city, they inevitably face roadblocks. Reality leaves Xiong Qi Qi battered and beaten. Li Yi He resorts to unique methods to spur her fighting spirit. Xiong Qi Qi’s family and Li Yi He’s unyielding companionship allows Qi Qi to learn how to bravely face the unknown and to appreciate small fortunes.



Hey, Your Big Business Is Wonderful (2021) Cast

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