Heaven? (2019)

Heaven? (2019)

Total votes: 268

Screenwriter: Yoshida Erika

Rank: #6273

Country: Japan

Native Title: Heaven?~ご苦楽レストラン~

Air Date: Jul 9, 2019 – Sep 10, 2019 2019-07-09

Year: 2019

Network: TBS

Duration: 57 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Heaven?: My Restaurant, My Life, Heaven?: Gokuraku Restaurant, Heaven? ~Gokuraku Restaurant~, Heaven?: Gokuraku Resutoran

Genre: Business, Food, Mystery, Romance


Iga Kan works at a family restaurant. He is sincere, but rigid in his ways. He can’t even fake smiles for his customers. Kan doesn’t have a good reputation with his co-workers or customers, but Kurosu Kanako recognizes something in him. Kanako is a mysterious woman. She tells Kan that she is going to open a French restaurant soon and that “The staff needs originality. You will be a good serviceman.”

TheFrench restaurant is located in a cemetery, which is itself away from the busy streets and residential areas. The staff at the French restaurant do not appear suited for such a restaurant. Kawai Taichi was once an apprentice to become a hairdresser. Tsutsumi Keitaro worked as the manager of a rice & beef bowl restaurant for five years. Ozawa Yukio worked as a chef, but all of the restaurants where he worked went out of business. Lastly, Yamagata Shigeomi worked as a sommelier after he retired as a bank executive. Why does Kanako gather these people? Will the French restaurant open?

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