Hammer Session!

Country: Japan

Ranking: #2459

Native name: ハンマーセッション!

Air Date: Jul 10, 2010 - Sep 18, 2010

Network: TBS

Duration: 50 min.

Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Hammer Session!


Two prisoners managed to escape after the police truck carrying them crashed. One of them ,is a gangster. The other called “Otowa YonKo” – our protagonist – is a con artist whose cheats money from criminals or terrorists. Accidentally, “Otowa Yonko” then becomes the new teacher for the nearby high school, under the new name “Hachisuka Goro”, and according to a deal of “Hammer Session” with the headmaster.

Source: DramaWiki)

~~ Adapted from the manga series “Hammer Session!” (ハンマーセッション!) written by Koganemaru Yamato (小金丸大和) and Yatsu Hiroyuki (八津弘幸) and illustrated by Tanahashi Namoshiro (棚橋なもしろ).



Hammer Session! Cast

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