Hama no Asahi no Usotsukidomo to (2021)

Country: Japan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 浜の朝日の嘘つきどもと

Content Rating: G - All Ages

Hama no Asahi no Usotsukidomo to (2021)


Movie theater Asahiza has existed for almost a 100 years in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. Unlike other theaters, Asahiza plays old films and doesn’t get a lot of customers. The manger of Asahiza, Morita Yasuzo, finally decides to close down the theater. When he is about to burn the old 35 mm films, a young woman named Motegi Rika suddenly appears and tries to stop him. Motegi Rika came to Minamisoma from Tokyo to save Asahiza.



Hama no Asahi no Usotsukidomo to (2021) Cast

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