Go Ape (2009)

Go Ape (2009)

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Country: Japan

Native Title: ゴー・エイプ

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Duration: 1 hr. 52 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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Genre: Drama


A salaried man, Oko (Kishitani Goro) who has never been attacked by high school students in the park at night. He feels angry at the boy, Yukio (Yu Shirota), who was looking down at himself among them. Eventually Oko begins revenge on the boys in turn, and finally attacks Yukio. Yukio attacked Oko while threatening to fear. Yukio remembers a strong anger at Oko attacking himself, though he is only in theside of his friends without direct hand when Oko attacks in the park. The battle between the two who started with a minor misunderstanding escalates gradually…

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