Fuji Family (2016)

Fuji Family (2016)

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Screenwriter: Kizara Izumi

Rank: #47199

Country: Japan

Native Title: 富士ファミリー

Air Date: 42371 2016-01-02

Year: 2016

Network: NHK

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles:

Genre: Drama, Life


At the foot of Mt Fuji, there is a small old-fashioned shop ‘Fuji Family’ that is a convenience store in name only. It is run by three sisters who are known in the neighbourhood as beauties. Oguni Takako is the dependable eldest sister who supported the family in place of their parents when they died young and is the breadwinner who works at a department store. Uninhibited second sister Nasumi is thecomplete opposite of Takako in personality and lifestyle. She left home in her 20s and lived in Tokyo, but brought her husband Kinoshita Hideo back suddenly after she got married. However, she died of illness all too soon. Tsukimi is the tactful youngest sister. Because she is much younger than her two sisters, she keeps behaving like a little girl around them. Tsukimi quickly got married to Kurihashi Kazuki, her boyfriend since high school, in an attempt to get away from running the troublesome family shop. Then one day at the end of the year, Nasumi who should have died seven years ago, appears in front of their grandaunt Shoko asking her to find a certain note. ‘Cake, flashlight, four-leaf clover, Kotaro’. The words noted down in Nasumi’s writing have no connection to each other. Turmoil erupts due to this note and the family is faced with breakup and closure of the shop.

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