Dungeon Notes: The Five Hundred Dragon Heads (2020)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 地宫笔记之五百龙首

Duration: 1 hr. 16 min.

Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Alternative titles: Five Hundred Dragon Heads of the Underground Palace , Notes of the Underground Palace , The Five Hundred Dragon Heads of Digong Notes , Underground Palace's Journal , The 500 Dragon Heads

Dungeon Notes: The Five Hundred Dragon Heads (2020)


The first exploration of the Nanjing underwater ancient tombs reveals the mysterious, suspicious cloud buried for a thousand years. The story takes place in the densely populated Nanjing. The protagonists will explore ancient underwater tombs for the first time, with extremely high risk and difficulty factors. Professor Wang and Cao Xin Xin, who are keen on archaeological research, will not miss this opportunity, and Qi Xiao Bai, who has no skills, also joined by coincidence. In this thrilling underwater tomb robbery journey.
Qi Xiao Bai, Professor Wang, and Cao Xin Xin who unintentionally obtained the mysterious underground palace with buried treasure. The key, dictated by fate, the three went to the underground palace to uncover the story of the mystery of the thousand-year-old tomb. Wu Shuang Que’s tomb robber, Qi Xiao Bai, Kung Fu master sexy girl Cao Xin Xin, and Professor Wang, who is well versed in archaeological secrets, the three formed a group by chance Go to the tomb to explore the Millennium Underground Palace. There are many institutions in the underwater tombs. Professor Wang opened the door for the team with his years of archaeological knowledge, and Cao Xin Xin, the martial arts high-powered and sexy-looking beauty, became the bravest and combative “feeling gold woman” among the three. Cut down the thousand-year bloodthirsty bats, draw bridges to battle armored puppets, and “fly over” the spider poison web alone to escort a group of people. It can be described as heroic! While bringing a hearty play to the audience, it also adds a lot of visual beauty to the film.

Source: Sina & Luju Bar)

~~ Adapted from the novel 地宫笔记 by 黑暗森林.



Dungeon Notes: The Five Hundred Dragon Heads (2020) Cast

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