Don’t Look Up (1996)

Don’t Look Up (1996)

Total votes: 32

Director: Nakata Hideo

Screenwriter: Takahashi Hiroshi

Rank: #54100

Country: Japan

Native Title: 女優霊

Air Date:



Duration: 1 hr. 16 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Joyuu-rei, Ghost Actress, 女優靈

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Supernatural


Directed by Hideo Nakata, Don’t Look Up is about a film director and his crew who slowly go insane when the film set is haunted by the ghost of an actress who died while filming a TV show in the 1960s.On the set of a dark war time drama at an old movie studio, a young director, Toshio Murai , is trying to complete his debut film. Murai has a crush onHitomi , the seasoned leading actress, and keeps a photo of her by his bed. The younger and less experienced actress, Saori ,is annoying and likes to have recess on the set. The production of the movie is consistently interrupted by strange occurrences and the cast and crew begin to get spooked.

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