Crosstail: Tantei Kyoushitsu (2022)

Crosstail: Tantei Kyoushitsu (2022)

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Country: Japan

Native Title: クロステイル ~探偵教室~

Air Date: 2022-04-09 2022-04-09

Year: 2022

Network: Fuji TV,Tokai TV

Duration: 55 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Close Tail: Detective Academy, Crosstail: Detective Classroom, Crosstail: Tantei Kyoshitsu, Kurosuteiru: Tantei Kyoushitsu, Kurosuteiru: Tantei Kyoshitsu

Genre: Mystery, Youth


Tobita Tasuku’s father, Jinpei left a letter and disappeared on the day of Tasuku’s high school graduation. Due to his father’s disappearance, Tasuku is now left with his father’s huge debt while he is still unemployed. Tasuku decides to visit the Joker Detective Agency to find his father but the cost of investigation is too high. Tasuku later finds out that the tuition fees for attending the detective school is much cheaperthan the cost of investigation. Seeing that he can get a job in a detective agency and find his father, Tasuku decides to enroll into the Joker Detective School and be a full-fledged detective.

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