Concerts (2018)

Concerts (2018)

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Country: China

Native Title: 音乐会

Air Date: Dec 3, 2018 – Feb 12, 2019 2018-12-03

Year: 2018

Network: JSTV

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Yin Yue Hui

Genre: Historical, Military, Political, War


In 1932, Jin Ying Zi, a 14 year old child who was passionate about music, witnessed the brutal killing of her family by the Japanese army. She was then forced to live with Qiu Yu Hao, an anti-Japanese army leader and vowed to seek revenge. Jin Ying Zi continued her life with the guerrillas army and gradually formed bond with her fellow comrades, as she saw them as a second family. However,she once again lost the warm embrace of home to the cold reality of war. Then, the remaining guerrilla armies, spent their last manpower and resource in another confrontation with the Japanese army. After the battle ended, Jin Ying Zi slowly understood the true meaning of life as she watched the cruel casualties resulted from war.

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