Cobalt Blue (2009)

Cobalt Blue (2009)

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Country: Japan

Native Title: 群青 愛が沈んだ海の色

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Duration: 1 hr. 59 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Gunjo



Cobalt Blue is the story of three childhood friends—Ryoko , Kazuya , and Daisuke”who grew up together on a remote island of Okinawa.
Ryoko’s mother, Morishita Yukiko , is a world-renowned pianist who arrives from Tokyo to recuperate from an illness.
She falls in love with a fisherman, Nakamura Ryuji, then marries him and gives birth to their daughter Ryoko shortly before passing away.
Two boys, Daisuke and Kazuya, are born thesame year as Ryoko, and the three children grow up like brothers and sisters, but as they near adulthood, they each begin heading toward their own separate paths. Kazuya decides to remain on the island to become a fisherman, while Daisuke is accepted into an art school in Naha (on the main island of Okinawa), and Ryoko considers leaving the island to study nursing. But during the spring of their 18th year, Kazuya sings a song of love, “Tubarama,” to Ryoko, forever changing the relationship between the three friends…

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