Cherry Girl (2006)

Cherry Girl (2006)

Total votes: 28

Screenwriter: Suzuki Osamu

Rank: #57311

Country: Japan

Native Title: チェリー・ガール

Air Date:



Duration: 52 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Cherry Girls, Cherii Garu, Cheri Garu

Genre: Action


The story centers around three women: Kumi , Yu and Meg. At night they manage a bar called Cherry Girl and are the life of the party. During the day, they tend to lounge around, go out to eat and have fun. While they continue with their daily lives, they also have a secret life, they are detectives and are called away without a moment’s notice. They are willing to handle almostany case and are not afraid to fight men more than twice their size.

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