Central Affairs II

Country: Hong Kong

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 情陷夜中环 II

Air Date: May 29, 2006 - Jul 7, 2006

Network: ATV

Duration: 40 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: 情陷夜中环 2 , 情陷夜中環 2 , Ching Hum Yan Chung Wan 2 , Qing Xian Ye Zhong Huan 2 ,

Central Affairs II


Gong So, a pawnshop owner in Hong Kong, weds a female worker Dung Ji Su from Guang Zhou, China, in a typical China-Hong Kong marriage of the 80s. However, they do not stay together after the marriage. Instead, they continue leading their respective lives. Meanwhile, Ji Su gives birth to two lovely daughters, Gong Hoi Chiu and Gong Hoi Lan.
After numerous tries, Ji Su and her daughters finally got their application to move to Hong Kong approved. Just as they are about to start their journey to Hong Kong, Ji Su is robbed at the railway station. Robert Chui Chi Man, the gangster Ji Su meets at the railway station, helps her go after the robbers, and they leave Hoi Lan in the care of elder sister Hoi Chiu. The worst happens when Hoi Lan is abducted amid the chaos! Hoi Chiu chooses not to call out for help when she could have prevented this mishap from happening.



Central Affairs II Cast

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