Candy Boys

Country: Japan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: お江戸のキャンディー

Duration: 1 hr. 19 min.

Content Rating: G - All Ages

Alternative titles: Les Garçons-Bonbons , Edo Candy , Candy of Edo , Oedo no kyandî , O-Edo no kyandî , O-Edo no kyandii , Oedo no kyandii , Oedo no candy , O-Edo no candy

Candy Boys


In EDO, the fabulous wonderland where only men exist, the most beautiful courtesan is Dayu Shiratori. His apprentice’s suicide made him desolate, and he finds love when he meets the most popular and sexy candy boy, Furimatsu, at the “Candy Shop.” However, the town of EDO bans romantic relationships, and a rare disease starts to spread.



Candy Boys Cast

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