Bull Fighting

Country: Taiwan

Ranking: #1576

Native name: 鬥牛。要不要

Air Date: Nov 18, 2007 - Mar 9, 2008

Network: TTV

Duration: 1 hr. 8 min.

Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

Alternative titles: Hooping Dulcinea , Free Style , Tou Niu. Yao Pu Yao? , Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao? , 斗牛。要不要

Bull Fighting


It started as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools; an annual event in which the winner would control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. To everybody’s surprise, the 9-year reigning champion lost this year… and it was all because of one girl. Now, this game has a new purpose.
Yi Sheng Xue, a hot-headed young girl, is an avid Bull Fighting fan. At her side is her loyal childhood friend and personal bodyguard, Jin Zi Cong. Their lives take a drastic turn when they meet Shen Ruo He, whom Sheng Xue falls deeply in love with. However, they encounter many obstacles that stand in the way of them being together.
Will love triumph over evil? And will Zi Cong be able to live with seeing the woman he loves, love another man?



Bull Fighting Cast

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