Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (2011)

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (2011)

Total votes: 1991

Screenwriter: Takeda Yuki

Rank: #6773

Country: Japan

Native Title: 僕とスターの99日

Air Date: Oct 23, 2011 – Dec 25, 2011 2011-10-23

Year: 2011

Network: Fuji TV

Duration: 46 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: 99 Days with a Star, Me and My Star’s 99 Days, My 99 Days With A Star, 99 Days with the Superstar, My 99 Days with the Superstar

Genre: Comedy, Romance


In the romantic-comedy “Boku to Star No 99 Nichi”, top Korean actress Han Yoo Na falls in love with a quiet man named Kohei Namiki. Kohei Namiki is a single man approaching his 40’s. He works part-time at a security company. He has a sweet and handsome appearance which some people take advantage of as he is easily swayed by those around him. Kohei often takes care of his sister’s three kidsbecause his sister has a habit of wandering around. He is a passionate man and dreams of finding his star, but because of his family and economic situations, Kohei can’t follow through on those dreams.

One day, Kohei is assigned security detail for the beautiful actress Han Yoo Na. Even though she has a near perfect appearance and style, she prefers to act like a normal person. She enjoys eating simple Japanese foods, and on the filming set, Yoo Na goes out of her way to help others. Yoo Na has a pure and kind spirit and seems to be the envy of all. Inside, however, Yoo Na is lonely working in the entertainment field and she has a big secret.

At first, bodyguard Kohei and top star Yoo Na don’t get along. With time, they become closer. Over the next ninety-nine days, their relationship changes. But on the hundredth day when the contract ends, what choice will they make?


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