Beyond Prescriptions (2021)

Country: China

Ranking: #7903

Native name: 灵丹妙药不及你

Air Date: 44468

Network: Tencent Video

Duration: 30 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Xinglin Spring Warm , Xing Lin Was Warm in Spring , Ling Dan Miao Yao Bu Ji Ni , Na Shi Chun Xing Lin Nuan , 那时杏林春暖 , 靈丹妙藥不及你

Beyond Prescriptions (2021)


Yi Hua, an aged female doctor meets Ye Xiang who’s injured and unconscious by accident. Out of doctors’ benevolence, she takes him back for treatment. However, Ye Xiang loses his memory due to injury. At the same time, he has a tendency of split personality, thus he becomes changeable, sometimes he’s sweet but sometimes grumpy. Yi Hua took him to be a medicine boy, calling him “Yun Gui”. When getting to know each other gradually, Yun Gui began to launch a fierce love offensive to Yi Hua.

Source: Fresh Drama YouTube)



Beyond Prescriptions (2021) Cast

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