Ancient Detective (2018)

Ancient Detective (2018)

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Country: China

Native Title: 狄大人驾到

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Alternative Titles: Di Da Ren Jia Dao

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller


A time travel drama that follows the godly detective Di Huai Yi of Da Liang as he ends up in the Republican era.
The imperial guard is ambushed while transporting the coveted mountain and river state map. It is said that whoever obtains the map can gain the world. Di Huai Yi arrives just in time to fend off the enemy but he is attacked while trying to open the map andfalls into the bottom of a lake along with it.
Ming Tian is a female cop during the Republican era. She leads a team on a stakeout to capture the heroic outlaw Hei Yu but they are disrupted by the sudden arrival of Di Huai Yi. Furious at the turn of events, Ming Tian arrests Di Huai Yi but he manages to escape and vows to catch the bandit himself to clear his name. Di Huai Yi realizes the secret behind the map and that he must return to Da Liang for the sake of the people. The nine planets are about to align and Di Huai Yi is on a race against time.


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