Ainu Mosir (2020)

Country: Japan

Ranking: #99999

Native name: アイヌモシリ

Duration: 1 hr. 24 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Ainu Moshiri

Ainu Mosir (2020)


Kanto is a fourteen-year-old boy and a descendant of Japan’s indigenous Ainu people. He lives with his mother, Emi, who runs a souvenir store in the small town in Hokkaido, where the Ainu people embrace tourism to keep the culture alive and to create jobs. When Ainu community leader, Debo, brings the community together to revive an ancient Ainu practice, Kanto feels torn between his personal beliefs and his culture.

Source: HIFF)



Ainu Mosir (2020) Cast

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