Abenko Green Beret

Country: South Korea

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 아벤고 공수군단

Duration: 2 hr. 16 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Abengo Airborne Corps , Abengo Gongsugundan ,

Abenko Green Beret


Abengo Corps is under the direct control of headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. In order to conceal the Inchon Landing Operation, Abengo makes it look like to execute the Wonsan Landing Operation. With the operation soon at hand, the members of this operation go on a special vacation to Busan. Among them is Il Gyu. He meets with Bae Soo Na, a refugee, and they spend a passionate, touching night of love together. The members perform their duties as ordered. Lieutenant Colonel Go receives a coded message from the headquarters. Go realizes that his men are a diversion for the Inchon Landing Operation. Lieutenant Go is angered and resentful. And Lieutenant Seong is chosen to enter the battle instead of Lieutenant Colonel Go. During the January 4 Retreat, Lieutenant Seong meets Soo Na, who has had Il Gyu’s son. Lieutenant Seong helps her out.



Abenko Green Beret Cast

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