99 Days

Country: Hong Kong

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 我和他的99天

Duration: 2 hr. 46 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Wo He Ta De 99 Tian , Our 99 days , My And His 99 days ,

99 Days


This drama revolves around 6 guys:
Ben – 33 years old, still grieving over the death of his boyfriend Zac, he creates a blog called 99 Days
Mike – 28 years old, he lives with Ben…and is somewhat “free” he goes for fun more than love
Chris – 20 years old, he lives with his mother who had no idea he was gay…
Tom – 16 years old, he has been hiding his sexuality from his family and friends
Don – 16 years old, he has been bullied in school ever since he came out, he’s comfortable with his sexuality
Jerry – 16 years old, he is totally in love with Mike, and is very popular in the gay community.
and then there are:
Will – 19 years old, had interest in Chris….and then in Jerry
Dora – 25 years old, works with Ben as a youth worker, she’s Tom’s sister.

This drama mostly speaks about HIV and the importance of being tested and having safe sex.
It starts out with Ben and Mike passing out red ribbons, because of World Aids Day, and we are introduced to the characters. Mike meets Chris. Ben meets Tom and Don. Mike also wanders into Jerry.
Tom and Don are discussing Don’s head injury…he was beaten up because he was gay.
Mike’s tap is broken in his apartment, he calls for maintenance and who shows up? Chris!
something goes down…Mike does some flirting, some light molesting and despite being gay himself calls Mike a “stupid fag” and storms out. As the drama goes on we learn more about the connection between each of the guys.



99 Days Cast

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