11 Left (2021)

Country: China

Ranking: #99999

Native name: 剩下的11个

Air Date: Aug 24, 2021 - Sep 10, 2021

Duration: 5 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative titles: Sheng Xia De 11 Ge

11 Left (2021)


The fate of 11 Li Xian’s that look identical to one another but live in different dimensions and have different destinies. They become involved in a confusing game through software that allows them to travel through time and space and jointly start a decryption adventure.

Our main protagonist, Chen Zhen Yu is a down-and-out entrepreneurial failure. He is heavy in debt, but he firmly believes that luck will find him before his creditors. He is addicted to betting on horses, not hesitating to bet all of his fortunes. A transaction in a mysterious pawnshop gave him a turning point in his fate. However, is this luck good luck or bad luck? Who is that man who looks exactly like him?

Adapted from a short fictional story, “11LEFT.” Source: Baidu, Iqigua)



11 Left (2021) Cast

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